Sunday, February 17, 2008

Journal For Your Child

I have a journal that I keep just for my daughter. I do this instead of a the typical baby book that so many mothers keep. For me, the journal is so much nicer because I am able to write letters to her and tell her about all the things going on in her life. I want her to have something that shows her how much she is loved.

While I was pregnant I pasted in copies of the pictures from my ultrasounds and one of the invitations to the baby shower. After she ws born I added a copy of her birth announcement. Now I like to add pictures of her. It's amazing how much she has changed in the few weeks that she has been with us. She is growing up so very fast.

Unlike my regular journal, I don't write in her journal every day. Instead I just write when something important happens or when I have something I want to say to her. As the years go on I plan to write an entry every year on her birthday at the very least.

What ways do you record the special moments in your child's life?


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