Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Musings

For this week's Monday Musings we are talking about an article on reading found here on NPR.
One statistic in this article really bothers me. That is the 9 books a year being an avid reader. I remember hearing a statistic similar to this a few years ago and it bothered me then too. No one that I know would consider someone that reads 9 books a year an avid reader. Personally, I read at least 50 books a year. My grandmother reads well over 100 a year. And my mother, who will admit that she doesn't read much anymore because of time constraints, still reads more then 9 books a year. Where are they finding these "avid" readers?
As for Ian McEwan's quote:
"When women stop reading, the novel will be dead."
I just don't believe that. If women stopped reading, it would definitely put a hurting on the novel market, but there would still be a market out there. Granted, my husband may only read one novel a year, but I have known men who were what I would consider avid readers. This means that they read at least 40 books a year. For whatever reasons, men in general may not read a lot of novels, but they do read them.
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gautami tripathy said...

Men read a lot! My brothers do!

Read mine here!

Kill Word Verification

My Two Blessings said...

All the men in my family - dad, grandfather, brothers, etc are avid readers. I don't think the novel will die if women stopped reading. However, I don't see that happening.

Robin of mytwoblessings

Mine is up now.

Bluestocking said...

I would love to believe we women have that kind of power though.

I know where they got that 9 book stat.

Musing Monday

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Callista said...

Great answer. I think avid readers should read more than 30 books a year. That's a little over one every two weeks.

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