Sunday, October 22, 2006

Journaling Family

The November issue of Redbook Magazine has an article about the changing American family. I could not find the article online so you will have to find a copy of the magazine to read it. They talk about how the American family has changed so that now the once normal family unit of a mother, father and children is in the minority. They profile several different types of families including the traditional family, couples without children, blended families, separated families, single parents, and more. My husband and I both come from traditional families so it was interesting for me to read about the various other types of families out there.

Take some time to write about what "family" means to you. What type of family do you have? Are you happy with the type of family you are in? What type of family were you raised in? What do you see happening to the family unit in the next twenty years? Fifty? One Hundred?


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