Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Talk About Tuesday - Halloween

This year was my daughter's first Halloween. So of course we had to dress her up in one of the adorable baby costumes. She was Daisy duck this year. The head of the costume was a bit top heavy for her so it didn't stay on long. In fact, this is the only decent shot I have of her with the head on. She did look adorable crawling around in her costume. She even did her first trick or treating visiting with a few of the neighbors we are friends with. It was a lot of fun for us.

Here she is in the blinky Halloween shirt I won on Coupon Cravings giveaway. Once again I had a hard time getting her to hold still long enough to get a good shot. She is so active she wants to get into everything.
We had a great Halloween. We gave out lots of candy and had fun watching our girl crawl around in her costume.
How was your Halloween? Do you have any pictures to share? Head over to The Lazy Organizer for links to see more Halloween pictures.


Char said...

Part of the fun of having a baby is dressing them up in something ridiculous!

So cute!

Susie said...

Those are some GREAT Halloween pictures:-)

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