Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness

1. If you were in a situation where it was either starve to death or resort to cannibalism, would you resort to cannibalism to stay alive or let yourself starve? I belive I would starve. The whole idea of eating another person just completely grosses me out.
2. Do you know all of the words to the National Anthem and The Pledge of Allegiance? The first verse of the National Anthem and all the Pledge of Allegiance
3. Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower? Leader
4. What is your most favorite holiday? Christmas Why? Since I had my daughter I enjoy Christmas so much more. I look forward to experiencing all the excitement of Santa and the anticipation. I loved Christmas as a child and I hope that she feels the same way.
5. In what ways, if any, are you superstitious? I don't really consider myself superstitious, but I do believe in destiny and following your instincts.
6. If you had to pick a creature from the Mythical Creatures Guide to be your pet, which would you choose and why? The Sprite because of the fact that they are playful and can be obnoxious. It reminds me of someone I know.

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