Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Thunks

The election is over... what do you think? I think I'm glad that's it over. The whole campaigning process just went on for way too long in my opinion.
Tell us about a snowman. I remember once when I was a child my brother and I went out to make a snowman. While we were working on it my mother came out and started on a snowwoman. I remember using a scarf as her top. Yup - that's a weird thing to remember.
What brand of ketchup do you buy? Heinz - it's the only real ketchup.
Do you use a cookbook? Sometimes as a guide. I seem to be unable to follow a recipe exactly. I love getting ideas for new dished from cookbooks, but what I make usually winds up being a pretty modified version of the original recipe.
Do you blow-dry your hair or let it air dry? Air dry. I don't even own a hair dryer.
When was the last time you were sick? About 2 weeks ago. My daughter brought home another cold from daycare. Ah, the joys of daycare.
What is the strangest letter of the alphabet? Q
Who was the last person you bought a present for? My brother What was it? Anti-Monkey Butt powder, Adidas Body Wash and an Express gift card Will you buy me one? Sorry, no.
Why are we ending at 9 questions? Because you wanted to keep it in the single digits.

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Shan said...

Good answers. Anti-monkey butt powder?? That is an interesting gift!

Anonymous said...

Where can I get some anti-monkey butt powder? It seems useless but totally intriguing. A must have!

Kittilicious said...

Yes, you must explain the monkey butt!

The Anti Monkey Butt Team said...

Thanks for mentioning Anti Monkey Butt Powder in your post! For your readers who are curious about the product, Anti Monkey Butt Powder is specially formulated to absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation to help keep you dry and comfortable. It is Ideal for butt busting activities such as truck driving, motorcycling, bicycling, horse back riding, and extreme sports. Anti Monkey Butt Poweder can also be applied inside footwear, under sports pads, and other areas prone to chafing. For more information, visit

Holly said...

I got the anti-monkey butt powder at Rite Aid. I bought it because the name amused me, but he can probably use it too because he is a motorcycle rider and he does a lot of work outside in the summer.

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

So will the anit-monkey butt powder work as a diaper rash relief, too, or should I stick with my butt paste? :P Great asnwers!

Kimber said...

LOL great answers!

Holly said...

I would stick with the butt paste for treating diaper rash. I think the monkey butt is more for preventing chafing. Plus I don't know if they recommend it for children. I don't use powder on my daughter at all because of something I heard from the doctor about the molecules of it getting in their lungs.

Amber said...

my husband could really use the Anti-Monkey Butt powder (Monkey Butt is actually a commonly used term and ailment around our house), thanks for letting me know it exists!

Holly said...

My mom had never heard of monkey butt so we had to explain it to her. Hey, we've had stranger conversations in our family.

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