Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Teaser Tuesday - Swallowing Darkness

This is the first time I'm actually participating in Teaser
hosted by Should Be
Reading. Head over and check out the other posts to get an idea of what
other bloggers are reading.

My Teaser Tuesday comes from Swallowing
Darkness by Laurell K Hamilton
this week. These sentences are from page

"A shower of rose petals blew across us, like pink snow. I felt the man
shudder underneath my hands, and there was more pain, more blood, and another
nail fell into his half-open hand."


Shana said...

Now that one has me wondering what exactly this book is about!


gautami tripathy said...

Maybe I should heck this out!

Read mine here!

Kill Word Verification

Scobberlotcher said...

Wow, very visual in a small amount of words.

Betty said...

Very lyrical, Holly! Makes me want to pick up her books again.

~Kylee in CT said...

definitely gets my interest!

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reading in Seattle said...

What a vivid teaser! I have a few of her books, but haven't read them yet. I've heard great things though!

:) Wendi

Here's my

Bluestocking said...

Sounds like a crucifiction to me

Jo-Jo said...

Wow...this sounds intense...also reminds me of a crucifixion.

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